Bird Control Consultancy Services International (BCCSi)

Bird Control Consultancy Services International (BCCSi) is a UK-based business offering professional consultancy services to a small number of clients based both in the UK and worldwide.

BCCSi is the only international consultancy service that currently offers a range of unique and highly specialised services within the bird control sector. More importantly, BCCSi is completely independent and as such offers a service that is completely free from commercial bias, unlike all of its competitors within the pest control sector.

BCCSi specialises in humane and non-lethal bird control systems that employ humane but effective control options based on decades on research.

Guy Merchant, director of BCCSi and a leading international authority on bird control, is probably best known as the founder of the renowned Pigeon Control Advisory Service (PiCAS).

PiCAS has changed the way in which bird populations are controlled over the last 40 years and was the first bird control consultancy service to offer an effective alternative to ineffective and invasive lethal control systems.

PiCAS ceased trading as a commercial concern in 2013 and is no longer offering consultancy services as a limited company. As a result Guy formed BCCSi to offer a limited number of clients a comprehensive range of bespoke consultancy services based on over 40 years experience within the bird control sector. BCCSi specialises in providing advice on pigeon control and gull control but will advise on the control of any avian species.

In the main BCCSI works with architects, construction companies and others associated with the construction industry to design out bird related problems from new build and renovation projects alike. However, BCCSi will work with any client experiencing bird-related problems in order to provide an effective and cost-effective resolution. Furthermore, without having to resort to expensive, ineffective and ugly industry standard solutions.

For more information on the services offered by BCCSi please email or telephone Guy:


Telephone: +44 (0)7981 945662